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Who was selected to receive the Freedom from Fear Award?

See the list of awardees here.

Who co-founded the Freedom from Fear Award and why?

Geri Mannion directs the U.S. Democracy Program at Carnegie Corporation of New York. Taryn Higashi is Executive Director of Unbound Philanthropy and was formerly the Ford Foundation’s Deputy Director for Human Rights and Program Officer for Migrant and Refugee Rights.

Who was eligible to win the Freedom from Fear Award?

Anyone who, in a volunteer capacity, has overcome significant fear and/or risk to confront injustice on behalf of immigrants and/or refugees in the United States. In other words, because the award seeks to honor and thank ordinary people, professional advocates, organizers and attorneys are not eligible to win.

What about public officials and law enforcement officers?
The Award recognizes that public officials and law enforcement officers sometimes incur major risks to stand with immigrants and refugees and that our society needs many more such role models. The Selection Committee considered the nominations of public officials and law enforcement officers who take action far beyond the call of duty to protect the human and civil rights of immigrants and refugees.

Did you have to be an immigrant or refugee to be nominated?
No, the Award encouraged nominations of anyone who is motivated by a broad sense of justice and humanity, not necessarily by the situation of specific friends or family.

Was there a minimum age for nominations?
Recognizing that young people are intimately affected by unjust immigration enforcement and often forced to confront it, there is no lower age limit for nominations.

Will winners be required to use or report upon the $5000 award in any particular way?
No, the award carries no strings. Reward recipients will only be required to participate in an award ceremony in their local community and to be available for selected media interviews. Winners should note that the award is taxable, unless it is given to a nonprofit organization of their choice.

Who could nominate someone?
Nominations and self-nominations were accepted from anyone, excluding members of the Selection Committee members, their family members, and close associates. There will be a strict conflict-of-interest policy governing members of the Selection Committee.

Who chose the recipients of the award?

A selection committee of community leaders and activists chose the recipients of the award.

What was the selection criteria for winners?
All nominations were judged by the quality of their story, i.e., by the courage it demonstrates and whether it can inspire others.

Who staffs or administers the Freedom from Fear Award?
The Freedom From Fear Awards are produced by Public Interest Projects (PIP).  PIP is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that brings together and strengthens the work of philanthropic institutions, donors, nonprofit groups and other public interest organizations sharing a vision of a society that ensures justice, dignity and opportunity for all people.  Statements and activities of Freedom from Fear Award winners do not necessarily reflect the views of PIP.

What will happen to the stories of nominees who aren’t selected?
The Award will work with media partners to create an accessible national archive of stories that illustrate the shared humanity between newcomers and established residents, and that serve as moral examples to inspire others. Stories will be offered to the press for coverage by the local and/or national media as well as made public through web-based and other media outlets.

How do I contact you?
Please contact us here.

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