In Memory of a Fearless Man: The Night Chokwe Lumumba Took Netroots Nation to Church

On February 25, 2014, Chokwe Lumumba, the mayor of Jackson, Mississippi, died due to heart failure.  

Remembrance by Robert Bray:

I had the honor of working with Chokwe Lumumba in Minneapolis, Minn., as he received a prestigious award for his courageous work on behalf of civil rights for African Americans and immigrants. It was a night that took an unexpected turn for Chokwe and me, as he found a new audience way beyond Mississippi for his message of justice, and an evening that most of us who were there will not soon forget.

We were backstage at the opening plenary of Netroots Nation, June 18, 2011. Netroots Nation is the preeminent gathering of social justice-oriented “techies” committed to amplifying progressive voices and using technology to influence the public debate. Imagine several thousand Millennials, most of them tweeting and Instagraming nonstop about justice and equality while downing mugs of coffee. It was a new crowd for Chokwe.

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Watch: Freedom from Fear Award Two Years Later – Where are they now?

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via @CultureStrike: #Art4 Immigration Reform!

Add your photo by posting an image to Instagram with the hashtag #art4

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April 3 & 4 Online Workshop: Talking to America About Immigrants & Immigration (via @DenzilMohammed)

Immigrants are assets to our great nation. In this free online workshop on April 3 & 4, 2013, you will learn about immigrants’ economic and social contributions, integration ideas and tools, messaging strategies and get the latest update on Comprehensive Immigrant Reform.

Interact with presenters like Manuel Pastor (University of Southern California) and Mary Giovagnoli (Immigration Policy Center) while sharing your experiences with colleagues from across the country. This free online workshop is geared toward staff at immigrant-serving organizations including advocacy/integration, community/economic planning and development and higher education. Register now at

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Video: @CrossingOverDoc – The Reality of Being an Undocumented Transgender Immigrant in US

Crossing Over Trailer from Katrina Sorrentino on Vimeo.

This is a film about a community of strength and support, about women who fight for themselves and each other, and about finding the strength to be true to oneself no matter what the obstacles.

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