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Poster by Favianna Rodriguez: Download your 11 x 17 inch copy here.

For nearly ten years, I’ve been following the stories of immigrant rights leaders around the country and making art about their challenges and victories. It was an honor for me to develop a work of art to celebrate this group of outstanding individuals, and to translate their contributions into an artistic piece. This art print revolves around the themes of leadership, collaboration, and empathy. The two characters in the piece are a woman and man facing each other with their hands extended towards one another as they work toward a better future for all immigrants. Between them is a circle that represents the ecosystem and powerful network that is pro-migrant justice movement. The yellow and orange hues used in the piece represent a brighter future, while the blue represents wisdom and fearlessness, analogous to a body of water. The background patterns are leaves forming a larger tree, to show the interconnectedness of all people fighting for justice.

– Favianna Rodriguez, Artist & Activist

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